Monday, May 10, 2010

My Fist Award woohoo

hey fellas! Do you know? I'm lucky girl. hehehe. Padahal baru buat Blog eh udah dapet Award wkwk. Thanks a lot ya buat Rina udah ngasih Award ini hehe,padahal baru kenal :)

here are the rules:
1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award. (Udah)
2. Pass this award to 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic (Berhubung gue baru memulai Blogging jadi gue kasih Award ini buat Kak Finesa aja deh ehhee)
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award (Udah)
4. State 7 things about yourself. (Silly, Stupid, Ugly, Cheerful, Lazy, Proud, Independent.)

Its Done!

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